Visions of the Future

The Client is Truly King & Opinion Former is the pioneer for a new generation of product testing and consumer advice which makes every user an opinion former. In 2015, we will be working on gathering consumer knowledge and feedback in the community. Hence, a collective intelligence will be created that urges providers to rethink and to take into account aspects of sustainability. At present, consumers are less and less interested in still acceptable product testing and test seals due to lacking alternatives.

Consumers that utilize to make purchase decisions on the basis of actual characteristics and who additionally create their own relevant contents can achieve a lot:

A Wikipedia of Goods

Through the collection and the statistical evaluation of product information on the one hand and through customer feedback on the other a sort of Wikipedia for product is created. Here consumers help others finding the right product.

A Remaining Value List for Products

The approach enables a sort of remaining value list for products and services. The list that was firstly published in 1957 shows the remaining value of used automobiles. In the version, it will present the actual user value of a product, for instance, it will show a smartphone’s value after three years. Therewith, it offers consumers an important purchase criterion.

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