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Being optimally informed before making a purchase…

Being optimally informed before making a purchase…

Is the goal of internet research. Unfortunately, this sounds far easier than it actually is since:

If one doesn’t know or understand certain product characteristics, one doesn’t know what to look for.

If one doesn’t know if a product has a desired characteristic, one doesn’t know how to find “his own” product.

Therefore, one has to keep looking for hours and research numerous sources in order to gather the decisive information. Additionally, one has to deal with questionable claims regarding the use and objectivity of many purchasing tips and product comparisons.

With the help of algorithm-based product evaluations, offers a new generation of product testing which solves the problems mentioned above. evaluates a product in an unbiased and neutral way since those tests are based on mathematical calculations.

These are the advantages of the product tests by

The Incorruptible Algorithm

A software developed by which processes a multitude of interlaced subtasks. The algorithm cannot feel, hear or see like a human tester; yet it can perceive measurable values and thus think and evaluate objectively. Equal to a clock, it fulfills its tasks in a precise manner and without personal preferences in order to analyze millions of data in a matter of seconds.

The Reliability of Purchasing Advices

The math- and science – based approach uses the rules of statistics and logic to evaluate the data. Hence, the publicized product information is reliable and neutral. Only objective performance and equipment characteristics, in other words only hard facts, are considered in the evaluation. The algorithm filters out whether a certain characteristic is given, and if so, in which form, quantity, power, etc. All test reports and test winners are calculated in accordance to the DIN-norm.

The Speed & and Topicality of Purchasing Advices does not perform time-and cost-intensive product comparisons with human testers in a technical lab, but lets the algorithm and the IT-systems do the work. The result: fast and current product testing that cannot be influenced. is Progressively & Scientifically Established

The employees’ motivation, know-how and competence is what makes a scientifically-orientated high-tech-company with a lot of personality. On a daily basis, the team fulfills the classic tasks of conventional testing institutes. Similar to them, offers unbiased consumer advice, but in an extremely progressive manner.

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