The Product Seal

Manufacturers, merchants and online shop operators have a tough time dealing with their critical and overall informed clientele. Seals of quality as well as test-and evaluation seals represent popular marketing instruments that mean to function as so-called trust elements in order to attract customers. They present a good chance to increase a product’s visibility and appeal as well as to attract more customers and to increase revenue. Yet, they have to function and the licensing fees for the use of the seals have to remain within a reasonable budget. Testsiegel auf Homepage Testseal at a webpage

The Good News:

  1. The costs for a seal merely present a fraction of what licensees have to spend on the most known test seals, the “Stiftung Warentest”, on a yearly basis.

  2. The test seal works even better than “Stiftung Warentest”- and there is a good reason and a tangible evidence as to why.

The test seal is different than all others…

First of all, its scientifically-based product testing differentiates it from all other seals. Many other quality seals are not based on a real concept but merely function as an eye-catcher.

Then there are the known seals of the long-established consumer organization “Stiftung Warentest” and “ Oekotest”, of course. These organizations conduct comparative product testing in their test labs with human testers and technical equipment. Even here’s scientific and algorithm-based test procedure makes a difference.

A case study conducted by the “ AG, Munich factually proves how big this difference in regard to revenue and profit can be. It examined the seal with reference to its value as a trust element within e-commerce. In order to do so,’s product seal was directly compared to the “Stiftung Warentest” one. The result: utilizing the seal, the online shop operator generated a profit of 10.000Euros more monthly.

Download the study "Trust-Elemente im E-Commerce" by AG, München

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