The Certification Seal

Cyber criminality bears an enormous, financial risk for any company that generates its revenue with the operation of internet pages. The abuse of customer data or of internal company information as well as hacker attacks, which completely paralyze online shops, present two possible hazards. Consequently, significant declines in customer numbers and revenue, not to mention damages to a company’s image present imminent threats.

But how can an internet homepage be protected in a cost efficient and effortless way?

Where specifically are potential security problems located, and what is necessary to solve them?

The protected certification seal provides answers to these questions.

The certification seal functions as a certificate for certified IT- security and helps to maintain faster and uncomplicated online offerings as well as a more efficient cyber-security.

The Certification Details
Management Instrument for a Better IT-Efficiency

During the certification process, the specialists check the system for up to 24 hours in order to determine weak points. In this connection, diverse scanning programs, which were recommended by the Federal Agency for Security in Information Technology (BSI), are utilized. Additionally, simulated hacker attacks (DDOS-attacks, SQL-injections, etc) are performed. The certification process complies with the norms for quality management (ISO 9001:2000), information security (ISO 27001) and usability (ISO 9241-11).

A detailed audit report documents the security situation and allows according measures as well as risk management adjustments. The report consists of two parts:

  1. Clearly structured analysis for management

    A relevant, clearly arranged presentation of the actual security status from the viewpoint of the management team. This status reveals the system’s security level and allocates where improvements have to be made. For the first time, decision makers can evaluate the security situation or their online offers on the basis of concrete facts and initiate measures without having to ask IT- professionals.

  2. Technical audit report for the IT-department

    This detailed report, which is tailored to the requirements of the IT-department, includes numerous critical deficiencies that have been detected by the specialists. The report allows IT-specialists to quickly and efficiently implement the required adjustments. Additionally, the management department offers the project development’s maximal transparency.

As soon as the deficiencies listed in the report have been fixed, awards the certificate seal.

The symbol, which bears a sign effect, is included on the start page and promotes the improvement of a company’s image and helps gaining potential existing customers.

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