The Philosophy

The Wakening Call for Providers:

Informed Consumers Shop Smarter

The philosophy is a constructive criticism of manufactures, product developers and marketing departments. Products have to be replaced more frequently because they keep placing items on the market that despite excellent technical features have a shorter and shorter lifespan. They seduce us to consume more and create a throwaway society that let mountains of rubbish pile up.

Those who work for do not want to accept that:

  • We don’t have the chance to sufficiently compare products only because advertising and marketing keep blinding us.
  • Despite better functions, products break faster.
  • It is cheaper to buy a product than to repair the old one.
  • Providers urge us to keep buying new products and to throw away the old ones.
  • Stinginess is cool and sustainability is merely a fancy word.

Therefore, neutralizes advertising claims and presents the actual product and service features. These are not the information that marketing &advertising people have created, but real characteristics that help us make the right purchase decisions. Thereby, providers learn what customers really want.

Marketing and Advertisment make equal things unequal makes incomparable comparable


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