The Mission

Werbeversprechen neutralisieren
Nachhaltigkeit berücksichtigen

Trying to find information on the internet before a purchase is comparable to an odyssey. In order to win new customers uncountable online price search engines, price comparisons, product tests, purchasing advisors, purchase aids, online shops, etc feed readers with 1.000.000 different offers.

But which information source is the right one? Who truly offers a neutral consumer advice? How do I find the test winner’s characteristics and if those are important to me after all? wants to:

  • Animate you to question the logic of striking advertising messages such as “Every year a new smartphone”, which we sadly perceive as normal.
  • Provide manufacturers’ authentic feedback regarding which products and product characteristics are truly favored by consumers. This enables them to make product improvements.
  • Motivate consumers to cooperate and protest. Not letting themselves be fooled by advertisers any longer.
  • Provide a concrete input in regard to sustainability.

Additionally, the algorithm helps to focus on characteristics which determine a product’s life cycle. One of these characteristics is the interchangeability of expendable parts such as batteries. After some time, a battery won’t function anymore, but the device itself will. Therefore, it would be sustainable to merely change batteries instead of dumping the entire device.

Low prices and a ‘stinginess is cool’ – attitude are only worthwhile at first glance; because anyone who buys a cheap product will end up buying that product twice. Products geared towards actual customer needs are more favorable. As an additional bonus, the former make people happier long term and offer more sustainability.

This is what the team works for.

Would you like to help us? We are looking forward to your ideas, experiences and suggestions for improvement!


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