Radios in the digital time

Test: Digital Radio

The digital age has also arrived on the radio since August of 2011. So there are now parallel to the analog frequencies also many digital programs. However, if you look around the market, you will surely notice very quickly that this is a non-negligible problem is: the wide range of digital radios. Since the various devices differ not only in appearance but also in its many functions, the decision is usually very difficult for a particular device. To assist you in this case a helping hand, has create special product comparisons, which are independent and neutral. So you do not have to rely necessarily on any advertising promise, but you can quickly and easily identify with our comparisons that digital radio is for you question. Further reading…

What contributed to the benchmarks
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To receive text messages you have the choice of digital radio with DAB, dual-band and tri-band. Within Germany and also in Switzerland, Denmark and England, only the Frequency Range Band III is currently served. Before you buy the unit you require, you therefore refer to whether the existing DAB receiver is + capable. Because this is an advanced standard, which is used more in the future to broadcast several digital radio programs.

Antenna and Cable

When you buy a digital radio, you also need to buy a DAB antenna and a short antenna cable with a car radio usually. Select here prefer not to long antenna cable, because that could be bad may impact the quality of reception.

Additional Features

Many digital radios also still have many more features. This includes, for example, also has a pause function and a digital record. But to hear the time shift, so the possibility of something just started cue again or take, bring a lot of equipment. Even picking up items here, depending on the model feasible. You can also be pleased that a large number of digital radio even has a fairly large display display. It is, for example, each title, artist name, and the most diverse messages of the relevant transmitter can be read by a scrolling text. Likewise, most digital radio additionally contain a clock, an alarm clock, snooze and sleep function and much more. Very practical is here but also a remote control. Allows you to set your new Digital Radio, for example from the comfort of your bed or sofa, change the channel and more. Here entirely up to your needs, what additional features will bring your new digital radio.


Use your digital radio in your own home, then you should pay attention to the location choice. Because here, the reception vary quite due to the currently still quite low transmission powers. Therefore it is recommended that it is best to try to receive the radio inside your four walls in different locations. As a rule, a list of digital radio near a window is recommended. Should you not receive a good reception, then it is possible in many radios, to buy an additional DAB antenna. Alternatively, you can but also install an outdoor antenna.