Business Services represents an independent platform for product comparison with a high consumer acceptance. At first glance, it seems to oppose manufacturers and providers due to its approach of “making the incomparable comparable”. But appearances are deceiving; because all involved parties struggle with one problem: too much differentiation. The results are overstrained interested parties, price dumping, declines in revenue, misdirected product development, unhappy customers and so forth.

Manufacturers spend enormous sums on product differentiation. In order to make their products stand out, they come up with their own solutions, create brand names and focus all their marketing and advertising efforts on this aspect. As a result, many customers get irritated by the flood of information. The intended brand message gets lost within the mass of advertising messages. Hence, consumers ignore those brand messages and orient themselves solely on one criterion: price. Initiatives which deal with planned insolvency, and which additionally demand manufacturers to foster sustainable product responsibility, emphasize the great consumer dissatisfaction.


Openness & Transparency,
So that Price Doesn’t Become the Only Decisive Factor’s product testing offers consumers a fair purchase advice. The approach aims to stabilize prices and margins, to ameliorate the adjustment of products and offers, and to gain more established customers. Free product-and service testing represent the central element to achieve these goals.

Better Product Information automatically informs manufacturers and providers about performed tests. Therefore, it allows them to add missing product data and to optimize their information policy later in time. The test results clearly show how the product’s current market representation and whether it is necessary to publicize more or different information.


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