Algorithm Neutrality

Neutral & Independent ?
Is it similar to Google & ADAC or…?

They are mysterious, manipulative and are said to determine our lives without our knowledge. There is talk of algorithms. Thanks to Google, Facebook & Co., the term algorithm has increasingly come under fire. This doesn’t make it simpler for the team to free the algorithm-based approach for an objective product evaluation from all biases. But we try!

Each algorithm has little setting wheels that can be turned to one direction or another. They are necessary in order to make improvements. Since the programmers are only human too, they let the algorithm control these setting wheels. In its present form there is indeed no singular factor which could use for or against a single product. This is ensured by the algorithm rationale. It evaluates the isolated product characteristics and not the product, the brand or the manufacturer.

ADAC’s test results could easily be manipulated due to their “strong affiliation” with some companies. Such affiliations do not exist for the algorithm since it separates all product characteristics from anything else. Therefore, justifiably claims its neutrality and independence.

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