About test.net

How to Find the Right Product Quickly

Before making a purchase, almost half of all Europeans inform themselves online. Additionally, they aim to complete the transaction as fast as possible. Nevertheless, advertisers and marketers try to disguise product characteristics making them not clearly identifiable. Hence, it may be difficult to make the right buying decision.

test.net offers consumers a free and independent information platform that separates online products and services from promotional messages. This makes products comparable objectively. For this purpose, the company developed a scientific, algorithm-based approach in order to allow an intelligent, statistical evaluation of data which enables a new generation of product testing. Therewith, test.net fulfills the classic function of traditional testing institutes, but in a more innovative way.

Test.net Ltd was founded in Cologne in 2013. It finances itself through the awarding of product– and certification seals. So far, the team consists of 20 employees including IT-specialists, lawyers and experts for quality management who take care of the editorial work, research, communication, programming and certification. Their work helps us finding the right products in a quick and unbiased manner.

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